About Dick

A Personal Note from Dick Sterling

You may have opened this page because you are trying to decide who I am, and where I'm coming from.

You may want to know whether you should trust what I'm saying or purchase my products. If so, that's fair enough...

I'm an economist by education, and an investment pro by experience. For the better part of the last two decades I have been actively, aggressively, and unceasingly involved in the stock market as a professional.

After graduate school I became a successful stockbroker, and quickly moved into the deal side of the business, where I learned what goes on behind the scenes. For those of you who've ever worked on Wall Street for any length of time, you'll know immediately what I mean. This has helped shape my world view, and influenced the material that I publish.

Let me give you my personal vantage point:

I'm a contrarian, in the true sense. Not the "contrarian" type of investor you hear about on CNBC. I mean truly counter-intuitive, and against-the-grain. The kind of investing that really goes opposite the current.

Over the years, people have called me "eccentric" when they've heard what I was investing in... Some of them have even laughed.

But then they saw me making money... and lots of it.

I'm not telling you this story to impress you... but simply to impress upon you that I have put my money where my mouth is. And, in short, I have generated serious wealth. I am rich, by any and all standards, and have put to use the strategies and tools which are described in the products I sell. You need to know this.

When people began calling me an investment genius, or worse, a guru... it made me uncomfortable, as you might imagine. It still does.

People began seeking me out, asking me what they should invest in. They sought me for insight on the financial markets, stocks, and the economy. They asked me to comment on their portfolios. They pressed me for stock picks, currency forecasts and interest rate prognostications.

I used to tell them my honest opinion. I'd tell them the truth, and give them the no-holds-barred facts as I saw them. But their eyes would glaze over. Their ears would turn off. They'd nod their heads in polite agreement, but inside they wouldn't be listening.

And so I discovered an important thing...

They, like most investors, didn't want the truth. Instead, they wanted someone to agree with them. They wanted to hear mainstream groupthink. They wanted to be part of the herd, wrongly assuming there is safety in numbers.

So I learned to keep my mouth shut, and only share "the truth" with people who are actually interested... people whose minds are open... people who aren't willing to accept the bunk they read in the newspapers.

And frankly, people like that are rare. They are independent thinkers. They aren't afraid to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. They like to make their own decisions, and they're bold enough to ask questions when something doesn't make sense. It's like they've got "contrarian" built into their DNA.

Maybe I'm describing you. Maybe you're one of those rare people who want the truth, the straight goods, the no-holds-barred facts.

If you are, then welcome to the unofficial league of contrarian thinkers. My products are engineered to benefit people like you. They will teach you profound concepts that you won't hear anywhere else...

More importantly, they may very well make you a fortune.